Kaydem’s Joint Credit Restoration Services

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Are you married, or have a credit partner? All the below options are for restoring two persons’ credit reports simultaneously. Kaydem’s joint credit help and inquiry removal services give you more “bang for your buck” than our Single Credit Help services. Read below to determine which of our services will best help you meet your financial goals.


Removal of Credit Inquires, for two people. A credit inquiry occurs when a financial institution checks your credit report, typically when you apply for a loan or credit card. Kaydem can dispute your inquires from the past 6-8 months to help bring up you credit scores and get you approved for credit. This is a onetime service and usually takes 35-70 days to complete.

$497 (2 People)

Inquiry Removal


Minor Credit Restoration for two people. Select this option if you and your partner have fairly good credit and have 3 or fewer derogatory trade lines on your credit reports.

$797 (2 People)

Minor Credit Restoration


Full Credit Restoration (1 Person) & One Minor Credit restoration (1 Person) Two people in total.
Select this option if you have 4 or more derogatory trade line on one of your credit reports, and your credit partners’ report has 3 or fewer derogatory accounts.

$1097 (2 People)

Major/Minor Credit Restoration


Full Credit Restoration for two people. Select this option if you and your credit partner have bad credit with four or more derogatory trade lines (or late payments) on each of your credit reports.

$1297 (2 People)

Full Credit Restoration


12 Month Inquiry Removal Membership. This 12-month membership enables two people to remove erroneous inquiries from your credit reports within the membership timeframe.

$1697 (2 People)

12 Month Inquiry Removal Membership


Not sure what you need? Contact us. We will be happy to help you determine what service best suits your needs.