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Credit Inquiry & Derogatory Information Removal

Remove old, unwarranted credit inquiries and other derogatory information such as late payments, charge-offs, collections, repossessions, and even bankruptcy!

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Debt Negotiation & Reorganization Consulting

Information, resources and guidance to help you to reduce, consolidate and renegotiate your current debt, as well as powerful tools in helping you systematically pay down your debt.

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Personal Credit Report Optimization

Clean-up your personal information such as name, date of birth, SSN, address, and employer so that it’s all up to date. Ensure that all credit lines and amounts are being reported accurately.

Kaydem Credit Has Been Serving Clients Since 2008

Are you a business owner looking to extend your line of credit? Are you a renter looking to own a home? Are you about to buy homeowners insurance?

Did you know, your credit score impacts your access to all three? Bad credit does much more than preventing you from opening a new credit card or taking out a loan. It impacts your entire financial wellness.

At Kaydem Credit we pride ourselves on upholding financial freedom by taking our clients from bad credit to good credit.

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Kaydem Credit Mission

Our goal here at Kaydem Credit is to help you get approved every time you apply for a credit card or a loan. The effects of your credit score trickle into everyday life: from buying a house to landing and keeping a job, and even insurance premiums, your credit profile has tremendous impact on your financial future. Our ultimate mission is to provide the resources our clients need to raise their credit score and in turn improve their financial access for loans, credit cards, residences, and careers.