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I am so pleased with the results Kaydem Credit Help has gotten me thus far! They have already removed over 50% of the negative information from all three credit bureaus, including judgments! I was a little skeptical about getting started at first, but after a few months of working with them my worries are gone and my scores have increased a substantial amount. Excellent service!

Aesha Greene, VA

I signed up with Kaydem to remove a department store account that I had on my credit report. It was a mix up that has been affecting my credit and lowering my scores for 3-4 years. Kaydem took the time to follow up with each credit bureau several times until the derogatory account was removed from my report entirely. I am very satisfied that this is no longer hanging over my head and dragging down my credit scores.


Kaydem Credit Help removed 6 negative items off of my credit report, I had been disputing them for years with no luck. Thanks, Kaydem for your expertise.


I was skeptical that I could have negative items removed off my credit report. Kaydem was able to remove 3 late payments off my report. My scores are now over 750 with all 3 credit bureaus.


We signed up for Kaydem Credit Helps complete credit restoration for two people about three months ago, we were told that it will likely take about six months for everything to be removed off our credit reports. My husband has already had four of the five items removed off of his report, and I only have two of the five items, left on my report. Our scores have gone from 560 & 485 all the way up to 709 & 675. Thank you Kaydem for your diligence. We are still expecting more results, but are stunned with the good work so far. Keep it up!


Thank you Kaydem for helping me get the credit that qualified me and my wife for our first home loan. It’s so awesome to own our own home, we didn’t think we could get approved with how bad our credit was!! We also have been approved for a new credit card. Many thanks from both of us for all your help!


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